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Warm with vanilla, chocolate and a touch of brown sugar-like sweetness, a touch of smokiness and tobacco.

Hurry Up and Wait

SKU: HU546889
  • Probably the single most important of all beard products. These pack the biggest bang for your buck. These oils will hydrate and condition your beard while moisturizing your skin underneath which is just as important! Dry, brittle hair? Itchy? Dry skin, beardruff? Yeah. Beard oil.

  • For every inch of beard, use about 4-6 drops of oil. Put oil onto palm of your hand, then rub into fingertips to apply the oil onto the skin under your beard. Then pull your fingers downward through your beard, applying the oil through your beard. Wipe of any excess oil onto a towel or simply just wash it off using hand soap. Then prepare to look and feel your best!

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Start your daily routine and develop base-level hydration with beard wash!



One of the most essential daily routines you can do for your beard!


A great complimentary product to be used daily or as desired after applying beard oil.

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Up your daily routine game by using the right grooming tools that will not damage your beard.


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Proudly made in the USA

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